Notice of Correction, with Apology

Greetings readers.

After publication of today’s poem, “Everlearner (my mind)“, we were made aware that a word which originally appeared in the poem, “gypsies”, is controversial and now considered racist. We the editors were not aware of this prior to publication, and neither was the author of the poem.

Our own guidelines ask poets not to submit work that “…promotes hatred of and/or discrimination against people based on their actual or perceived membership in a certain group or category — e.g. race, color, creed, gender or gender identity, national/ethnic/regional origin, neurological divergence, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or social/economic status.” The original word was not a deliberate attempt to denigrate the Romani people. However, as we strive to remain accountable to our own policies, we worked with the author to revise the poem in such as manner that would correct the problem. The word which now appears in that line is “Cádiz”.

Please know that we at Barking Sycamores are very sorry for the oversight and for the offense. We strive to broaden our understanding of humanity, especially realities which relate to ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, disability, and the like. We thank our readers not only for being understanding but for bringing these things to our attention.


N.I. Nicholson


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