Issue 5 Goes Live April 27

Issue 5 Cover

Howdy readers! We are a tad behind in our publication schedule. But rest assured, Issue 5 goes live on April 27. Here is a preview of the cover, featuring photography by contributor Jessica Lindsley!

[Image: a photograph of a wall of grey and beige stone. In the center of the wall, there is a recessed area, and inside the recessed area there is a keyhole shape cut out in the stone: the bottom end is a large circle, and a long, narrow rectangle rises up from it. Through the keyhole the corner of a grey stone building with a slanted black room and tall spire is visible; next to the building, the top of a grassy hill. The sun is shining. At the top of the picture the words “Barking Sycamores” appear in white serif font, all capitals; in the bottom left corner the words “Issue 5”; in the bottom right corner, the words “Spring/Summer 2015”.]


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