HYMN TO KALI #16, Barbara Ruth

by Barbara Ruth

did you catch your demon then?
in the silent flash of image
legacy of needles,
did you see it?
you can only smile, your eyes, your eyes
wordless slits of praise to Morphia
who manifests the vision,
then in mercy
brings the blessing
of forgetting.
Barbara Ruth is a long time poet, a medium time memoirist, and a relatively new photographer. She is delighted to have her work appear in Barking Sycamores. She has a deep affinity to trees, and delights in discovering found altars as she makes her way in this perplexing world. She used to call herself neurologically quirky, as epilepsy is only the most conventional way to describe her neuroatypical brain, and doesn’t begin to encompass the whole of it. She is blessed to have found and by part of the NeuroQueer community.

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