Welcome to Issue 5.

Issue 5. Cover Art: Jessica Lindsley
Issue 5. Cover Art: Jessica Lindsley

Barking Sycamores is grateful to be starting its second year of publication. When it came into being in February 2014, we had no idea of the sort of future it might have. To be quite honest, it was a stab in the dark based on an idea that there needed a publication which focused on neurodivergent-created literature.

Our first issue began publishing in April 2014. We’ve now published four issues, and during the past year we’ve found some amazing artistic voices and had the honor and privilege of showcasing them. We’ve also fumbled around in the dark and discovered what worked, and what didn’t, when publishing this little journal. And we’re still learning.

We’ve encountered personal difficulties as editors, as well as undertaken personal transformations that broadened our understanding of who we each were as people. We’ve watched as activists and communities around us challenged the status quo and demanded justice for neurodivergent folk, people of color, queer people, trans people, and disabled people. We have joined in with those voices calling for justice, and plan to continue in the future.

Although this issue itself is unthemed, a great deal of the work inside speaks to several different themes. It showcases the brilliance of many kinds of neurodivergent minds. It is raw and honest about problems with the psychiatric-medical complex. It speaks of our trials and flaws. Some of it is not easy to read. But inside much of it is a spectacular wit and humor, imbued with the spiritual of survival.

Our cover artist this month is Jessica Lindsley. We are honored to share her work this issue, in which three more of her photographs will appear.

We are grateful to everyone who supported us during our first year of publication, and we look forward to having the opportunity to present outstanding, unique, and challenging work but neurodivergent creatives in the years to come. Enjoy reading Issue 5 – and stay ‘woke, friends.

N.I. Nicholson
V. Solomon Maday
The Editors

Table of Contents

Philip Kobylarz

Claire Phelan
Barbara Ruth
Judson Simmons

Short Fiction
T.K. Dalton
Irving A. Greenfield
Danielle Watkins

Jessica Lindsley
Barbara Ruth

Book Reviews
Typed Words, Loud Voices (Autonomous Press)
Defiant (Autonomous Press)

Fading Scars: My Queer Disability History (Autonomous Press)


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