TRENDING, Barbara Ruth

by Barbara Ruth

Take this quiz to find out which presidential candidate you’re most like.
Donald Trump pays actors to cheer for him as he announces.
He doesn’t pay them well.
Arnold Schwarzenegger scares the fans at Mmd. Tussaud’s:
Is he, is he not, a ball of wax?
Chris Christie says, “Women’s viagra pill will only increase lesbianism.”
Snopes reports politicians promise everything but don’t deliver.

Tap the screen.
I’ll text you back.
All your connective devices need the kitten feed.

Kyriarchy-Patriarchy neck and neck in race.
10 bullet points to prove Word on the street.
If Rachel Dolezal lands a TV series
what will I be watching?

Barbara Ruth is a long time poet, a medium time memoirist, and a relatively new photographer. She is delighted to have her work appear in Barking Sycamores. She has a deep affinity to trees, and delights in discovering found altars as she makes her way in this perplexing world. She used to call herself neurologically quirky, as epilepsy is only the most conventional way to describe her neuroatypical brain, and doesn’t begin to encompass the whole of it. She is blessed to have found and by part of the NeuroQueer community.


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