IN PARKER WE TRUST, Christopher Wood-Robbins

by Christopher Wood-Robbins

Colonel Tom Parker
carnival barker
had his hip-swinging
client singing
a tune we thought
was ours when we bought
the cookie-cutter mentality
of the musical mainstream
a narcotic invention
to relieve the tension
of keeping your money green
and your reputation clean
so that, just like the singer
that the fraudulent colonel owned,
we, too, can be cogs in the wheel
of the everyday machine.

Christopher Wood-Robbins, who prefers to be called “Aspie Chris” in his writings, has been writing poems of gender and racial equality, as well as odes to individuality, for the past thirty years. In 2007, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and has dedicated his craft to promoting autistic awareness (and acceptance) ever since. He lives in Central Massachusetts with his wife, Julie, and occasionally indulges in a bohemian lifestyle (painting pictures in an open mic gallery in Cambridge, MA. (when his financial situation allows).


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