A+D+H+D =, Sarah McMahon

A+D+H+D =
by Sarah McMahon

I will cover the Earth in three feet of gumballs.
It’s illegal to chew gum in Singapore, or
keep alligators in bathtubs in Arkansas.

I will make windows of gelatin and buildings
of homemade bread. There was a rat in the sourdough today –
the better to turn into toast. Bread crumbs in toasters burn

like my sensei – scent rose-bud-tea-leaves, or cheap
sanitizer. I wish tea made me sleepy. Sleepy-Time tea
features a teddy bear rocking a chair,

I need a rocking chair for twitching lower extremities.
Motion calms my body like honey-cough drops quiet
frog-coughs that turn the esophagus outward. I wish

commemorative beer glasses wouldn’t leave
Olympic medal water rings on black coffee tables,
I wish A+d+d+e+r+a+l+l wasn’t spelled:
[2 d’s + 2 l’s] sometimes
it’s just too hard to swallow.

Sarah McMahon is a Senior English Creative Writing major at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. In addition to writing poetry, she also runs track and cross country. Upon graduation she plan on pursuing a Master’s in English. She has been published in Bradley’s literary journal Broadside, won multiple campus-wide writing awards, and has work forthcoming in the Summer 2015 edition of If and Only If.


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