by Jessica Goody

The gleam of stark black and white
on architectural cheekbones.
An Artemis, statuesque and poised,
a thoroughbred, soldier-straight and Puritanical
in the uniform of white camp shirt
and unpressed khakis, loafers and white socks.
Your auburn hair is a wiry thatch of copper,
a mare’s mane flowing as you run.

Elegant and angular
in cuffed trousers and turtlenecks,
everything chosen for its rugged simplicity:
the oxford shirt, the trench coat,
the leather boots and gloves,
the rakish hat that has neither feathers
nor a wide brim to obscure
the twinkling catlike eyes.

Your innate independence
and strong-willed single-mindedness
is evident in every syllable of your sardonic
New England accent, the nasal drawl of the Main Line.
You possess an intelligence
even sharper than your bone structure,
or that determined Yankee indomitability,
that Taurean stubbornness, earthbound and pragmatic.

You resemble a hobo walking along the beach
wearing a chambray shirt and ragged cardigan,
and a straw hat that has seen better days.
On the lake or weeding in the dirt,
picking flowers or chopping wood.
A force of nature, as freckled as a tiger lily,
diving undaunted into the wintry Atlantic.

Jessica Goody writes for SunSations Magazine and The Bluffton Sun. Her work has appeared in numerous publications and anthologies, including Broad!, Spectrum, HeART, Gravel, PrimalZine, Kaleidoscope, Open Minds Quarterly, and Wordgathering. She was awarded second place in the 2015 Reader’s Digest Poetry Competition. She has written two volumes of poetry and is seeking their publication.


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