SUMMER CAMP, Laurie Kolp

by Laurie Kolp

Every day at four they greeted me 
with mustard pretzels and a Tab, 
but sometimes I’d splurge 
with a Bit O-Honey and Coke. 
I’d drink the icy refreshment 
and save the snack for stories 
on the trampoline. 
When night was a grackle
we’d sneak out of the cabin 
and sit in a circle, 
sometimes we’d spread out 
and count the stars.
Trendy girls from bigger cities 
raved on about 
the Rocky Horror Picture Show 
dressing up as Janet (dammit) 
and throwing toast,
but sometimes we’d recreate 
the War of the Worlds
scare ourselves silly 
in night's darkest hours.

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