Frida in the Mission, Barbara Ruth
Frida in the Mission, Barbara Ruth
[Image: a portrait orientation photomanipulation. The image is mostly black, with outlines of object in neon colours. Near the top of the image, a sign in large sans-serif italic capital letters appears in a double-lined white neon border: the text “AUNDRY”, DRY”, and “ASHERS” can be seen. “AUNDRY” and “ASHERS” have a crimson glow inside the white neon edges of their letters while “DRY” simply appears as black letters outlined in white neon. Next to the word “DRY” in the top center of the image, the white neon outline of a black front-load washing machine appears. Adjacent to the sign in the right top area of the image, a square appliance outlined in pale gold neon is visible. Below the sign in the middle left of the image, a woman, Frida Kahlo, appears. Her face is slightly slanted, the top of her head pointing diagonally up and to the right. She is wearing two long braids on the sides of her face. Her hair is outlined in pale gold neon, her face and its features drawn in orange neon, her shoulders in white neon, and patterns on her shirt drawn in fuchsia neon. In the bottom third of the image, a black vehicle outlined in red neon is visible.]

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