ANIME LINEUP, Barbara Ruth

Anime Lineup, by Barbara Ruth
[Image: a landscape orientation photomanipulation. The image is stylized so that it appears to have been painted on a rough surface, such as an outside cement wall. There are several people standing in a crowd on a cement sidewalk in front of a beige-coloured building. The people line are a variety of ages, races, and genders, and their backs are facing the viewer. The back row of the crowd is visible in the mid- and foreground of the image; the rest of the crowd is scattered in front of the building. One individual stands in the far left side of the image, in its mid-ground, wearing a white tee-shirt and white shorts. Other individuals wearing dark tee-shirts and carrying messenger backs are visible; some of them wear jeans, and some of them wear shorts. One tall individual carrying a large kahki-coloured shoulder bag and wearing a dark tee-shirt, white shorts, and black lace-up combat boots is visible in the middle of the image. Next to that person is a shorter individual carrying a grey backpack and wearing a white tee-shirt, denim shorts, and long blond hair. On the very far-right of the image, a large-bodied pale-skinned person with long, dark hair pulled back stands. They wear a dark grey, off-the-shoulder medieval period dress with light-colored trim on the hem, which hangs only a few inches above the ground.]

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