Issue 7, Fall/Winter 2015

Issue 7. Cover Design: N.I. Nicholson
Issue 7. Cover Design: N.I. Nicholson
[Image: In large black Serif font, the words: “BARKING SYCAMORES FALL/WINTER TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN” appear, reading from top to bottom and taking up nearly the entire image. The words appear on a white background, and very small lines of light gray text are partially visible under the large black letters over the background.]

With two months remaining of 2015, we are proud to present our unthemed Issue 7. This issue sees the debut of several new authors: we are proud to present for the first time poetry by Bonnie Schell, Rose Knapp, Kelsey May, Nina Dillon, Lynn Vargas, and Amy Sequenzia, and short fiction by Maggie Bàra. We’re also thrilled to include the work of creatives previously published in Sycamores: Barbara Ruth (who has poetry and short fiction in this issue), Matthew Brown, and Christopher Wood-Robbins.

While the work of this issue’s authors covers a wide range of subjects and perspectives, we see the return of themes such as: disability, mental health, anxiety, neurodivergence, and social justice. These writers have also given us work that expresses pure joy, presents the possibilities of healing and redemption, celebrates the beauty of nature, and asserts the determination to speak in one’s natural voice.

We invite you once again to read, ingest, enjoy, ponder, be challenged by, and consider the work rolling out in Issue 7. And we look forward to 2016: in Issue 8 which begins publishing February 1 we ask creatives to consider what “Reconstruction” means, and we’ll begin a third year of publication with our unthemed Issue 9 on May 1. We look forward to continuing to share our journey with you as we hope to fulfill our mission: publishing poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, and art by neurodivergent creatives.


N.I. Nicholson
V. Solomon Maday
The Editors

Table of Contents

Matthew Brown
Nina Dillon
Rose Knapp
Kelsey May
Barbara Ruth
Bonnie Schell
Amy Sequenzia
Lynn Vargas
Christopher Wood-Robbins

Short Fiction
Maggie Bàra
Christopher Wood-Robbins

Book Reviews
The Real Experts (Autonomous Press)


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