AWAKEN, Gwendolyn White-Kater

by Gwendolyn White-Kater

I am awake. 
Not restless, 
but full, and luminous. 
I am among 
Dark and arrogant, 
Inside people of no kind. 
Where the seemingly empty value 
Is clear in my decision. It’s all that we are
And everything about you, 
Or around in this place. 
A rhythm of images under rocks
I’ve scraped until forwarded, I had been. 
Under the bottom of calling from the next room, 
I try to distribute evenly and fairly at this moment. 
Realize me, believe me to be alive.
Gwendolyn White-Kater was born in Boulder, CO and grew up mainly along the East coast within the United States. She has been a writer and a musician all her life. The poems which appear in this issue were written within the past 5 years. This is Gwendolyn’s first ever publication of her work.

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