Editor-in-Chief N.I. Nicholson Joins Autonomous Press

IMG_3106-e1456850823380-150x150We’re delighted to announce that Barking Sycamores editor-in-chief N.I. (Ian) Nicholson has joined Autonomous Press as the Coordinating Editor for its NeuroQueer Books imprint. Ian will continue in his current role as the editor-in-chief of Sycamores, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the world of neurodivergent literature. This development comes at an exciting time for the journal, as the Barking Sycamores: Year One anthology is being released by Autonomous Press in March.

In March 2016, Autonomous Press also releases the Spoon Knife Anthology, co-edited by Ian and Autonomous Press partner Michael Scott Monje, Jr. Michael, a frequent Sycamores contributor, also has her novel Imaginary Friends coming out from Autonomous this month.


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