Countdown to Sycamores: “The Blue Store in Old Quick City”

Autonomous Press is releasing three books this month, including Barking Sycamores: Year One.

Pre-orders are available now, but we’ll be blogging excerpts from the anthology to give you a “sneak peek” prior to release day. Today, we’re happy to present “The Blue Store in Old Quick City” by Thomas Park, which was published in Issue 3.

by Thomas Park

Since the cotton mill left for good
all the shotgun tenant houses been moved.
Everything closed, but Newt’s Grill
     and the Blue Store. 
Yemeni brothers run it but 
Half-Ass the chicken frier
owned it. He was mayor’s cousin

     and dope man.
Half of his ass was gone
shot off in Viet Nam.
He also ran Half-Ass    
Handy Man and Wrecker Service,
a boom-boom room way down in the country,
and the smoothest corn I ever tasted. 

‘Bout dark gap-tooth Clem come to sell snappers
under the poplar trees, by the faded welcome to town sign.
Ol’ girl been coming to the spot for years,
her dumb ass man be out fooling with his coon dogs.

Next to Buddy Ro’s big cotton field tonight,
two young girls trick with Mexican men behind a bale.
Trips me out when I see the young girls out-there.

On one end of the gravel lot Cholos; gang-bangers, 
comparing low-riders, profiling bucks in white tees.
Brothers at the other end floss baseball caps, 10k chains.
Trynna to look hard in sneakers and shit—For what?

To ride high in Crown Vics…it’s the same folks every day.
Ate out and ate up the cats smoking in the cut said,
they used to back up the Chi-Lights. They was
bad dudes; Fat-Back, Red, and Beans Burton.

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