HOLMES’ USBS (II), Lucas Scheelk

Holmes’ USBs
by Lucas Scheelk

“What do you call a bee that lives in America? A USB.” - @BakerStBabes [Twitter: 15 Feb 16 – 1:55PM]

Honest-to-God, it was the strangest item Watson saw at 221B Baker Street. Holmes,
On the other hand, did not hesitate to grab one of the flying objects from atop the skull,
Lay it under a microscope, and examine it. Holmes smiled, with a small laugh, “The
Material is of advanced plastic. The outer layer protects the inner layer, sliding with
Ease. What surprises me most about this, Watson, is the pattern on it. Perfect bee
Stripes. How peculiar. Its scent is not from any local plastic manufacturer. This

Unusual contraption might be American.” “But Holmes,” Watson replied, “Even you
Surely can’t assume that. I know your fascination with the States, and its criminals,
But this! It might as well be alien! Holmes, have you, before today, ever
Seen such a thing in the nineteenth century?” Holmes sighed. “I have not, Watson.”

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