The Imminent Return of the Lord Jesus Christ
by Robert Beveridge

The world sits, not
breathless nor even
with acknowledgment,

waits for missiles,
maybe, to fly northward
from Cuba,
or men far wiser
than any who walk the world today
to arrive in Bethlehem.

The new prophetic drawings
of His return
depict no bearded savior,
no miracle worker a la Patty
Duke. Columns of figures,
abstract, unbounded,

the infinite deliquescence
of planar geometry,
the generosity of the black hole.

The Sun nothing more 
than the biggest rocket
ever launched. It has not
rained fire
upon TV evangelists
or the enemies
of the Crimson Tide.
Glory be and Alli-lujah.
Robert Beveridge has spent the more recent half of his life making noise ( and writing poetry just outside Cleveland, OH. Recent appearances include the anthology Stories from the Polycule (Thorntree Press, 2015), Random Sample Review, and Anti-Heroin Chic, among others. He has a massive crush on his therapist, but assume this is common.

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