General Submission Guidelines

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25 thoughts on “General Submission Guidelines

  1. I am a poet diagnosed with bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and panic disorder. May I submit work about all of these, or do you prefer I just submit about being bipolar?

    1. Hello Susan: Our current submission period, which ends November 30, is for our Issue 4 of which the theme is “The Doors of Perception”. You do NOT have submit work about bipolarism, but we do encourage submissions related to our theme for that issue. You can check out more information on our submission guidelines pages and in the “Current Call for Submissions” page:

    1. Hello Linda: Thanks for your inquiry. We generally prefer submissions in the form of file attachments as specified in our guidelines. If you have difficulty with this, please contact us at our email address directly (barkingsycamores AT gmail DOT com) and we’ll try to work with you.

  2. When I saw your latest submission call, I already had a work typed up; however, it’s roughly 1,103 words. This is obviously over the 1,000 word limit, but I was wondering if it was close enough to pass?

  3. Also, please don’t send us work about your neurodiverse family member or loved one if you aren’t neurodiverse yourself.
    One problem: groups are diverse, individuals are divergent.

    1. Perhaps we should clarify with better language why we say this. We want the focus of this journal to be neurodiverse folk speaking for themselves. We’ve received submissions from the past from primarily parents of autistic children (mostly non-verbal autistics) about their children. We appreciate and love our allies, but with a distinct need for creative and artistic spaces which focus on neurodiverse voices, we encourage allistic allies to use their supportive artistic voices in other spaces. Hope this clarifies things. — N.I. Nicholson, Editor

      1. No, I don’t have an issue with your restriction, my problem is with the confusing use of an inaccurate term. I repeat: groups are diverse, individuals are divergent.

  4. Hello,
    I have two questions for you:

    1) I was diagnosed many years ago as a grand mal epileptic.
    Do you include this in your definition of neurodivergence, or do you just qualify it as an illness?
    Therefore, may i submit one of my poems?

    2) My grandmother, now deceased, was an extremely talented poet and painter. She deserved a recognition she never got, because she was too “weird”, and this destabilized those who met her.
    Would it be possible, as a tribute to her, to one day submit (though admittedly it is not work of mine) some of her poems and photos of her paintings?

    Thank you for the wonderful site you have set up, and for your answer to my query.
    Have a good day.


    1. Hi Rebecca: Pease accept our apologies for the late response. In terms of submissions, anyone may submit to Barking Sycamores. We find that there is an overlap between neurodivergence as we’ve referenced it here and epilepsy in many people, if that helps. As far as your grandmother’s work is concerned, that depends on who is the legal representative of her literary and artistic estate. For legal reasons and to avoid any liability on our part or on the part of the person submitting her work, we’d be most comfortable if the work were submitted by whoever is responsible for handling her literary and artistic estate. Hopefully these answers are helpful, and please let us know if you have any questions.

  5. I have a voice recording piece I did on my phone, describing what it’s like having bipolar, anxiety and paranoia. Is there any way I could submit it to you guys? Just really looking to share it, so maybe other people that go through it, can relate to it.

    1. Hello Vie: thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept audio or video submissions of work at this time. Perhaps it’s something we’ll revisit in the future. Best wishes to you in finding a home for your piece.


  6. I’ve read this page and also the submissions guidelines. Perhaps it is my ADHD–I cannot find an actual link or address to se
    rnd my poem. PLEASE HELP!!!

  7. I have a poem I would like to submit, but it is not the right file type, and I’m having problems trying to convert it since it’s not allowing me to save it as a different file type. Is there any other way I can submit the file? Is there an email address that I can send it to?

    1. Hello Nils: Thanks for your inquiry to Barking Sycamores. Our systems can only read files in .DOC, .DOCX, or .ODT formats, which is what we’ve instructed Submittable to accept. We could likely accept your file backchannel if you’re having trouble with the Submittable process itself, but if it’s other than one of the file types we’ve listed, we wouldn’t be able to read it anyway.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.


  8. Ty copying and pasting your text onto a different page, thn save it again, as .doc under a different name. Like that, you’ll have your personal file, and a submittable one.

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