SHERLOCK’S USBS (I), Lucas Scheelk

by Lucas Scheelk

“What do you call a bee that lives in America? A USB.” – @BakerStBabes [Twitter: 15 Feb 16 – 1:55PM]

Inspired by CBS Elementary

Smiling, Joan asked, “Since when do we have the bees roam outside the
Hive?” Sherlock hadn’t noticed when she returned. His eyes were fixated on the
Evidence board above the fireplace. Sherlock scrunched his face, and
Rolled his left wrist, which broke his concentration. Sherlock
Looked up to see a dozen bee printed USBs flying above. “Prank
Of yours, Watson?” Sherlock asked, slightly annoyed. “We are on a
Case. I would think that our little contest would be on a truce.” “Oh, so
Kind of like how you began our ‘contest’ without telling me?” Joan pressed a
Switch on a remote not-so-hidden behind her back. The dozen

USB bees flew downward, causing Sherlock to duck and slide around in his
Socks. “I get the point, Watson! Next time, we shall state explicit
Boundaries and talk through pranking rules like proper gentlefolk!”
Satisfied, Joan turned it off. The USB bees fell. “Alfredo makes the best toys.”

Lucas Scheelk is a white, autistic, trans, queer-identified poet from the Twin Cities. Lucas uses they/them/their pronouns. They are the author of This Is A Clothespin (Damaged Goods Press, 2016). Their writing has appeared in publications such as Sibling Rivalry Press – Assaracus, Barking Sycamores, Glitterwolf Magazine, THEM, and QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology, among others. Lucas Scheelk was a recipient of the VSA Minnesota Emerging Artist grant for 2016. You can reach them on Twitter [@TC221Bee].

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