DISCOMFITURE, Robert Beveridge

by Robert Beveridge

Heist botched. Withdraw
and plan again. Stuffed chicken
is added to the checklist.
Two men are on your tail,
Eurasian. One is named
Bin Hua; the other, Jack.

If thine eye offend thee.
Jerk. Clutches always fail
suddenly. Speak to terror.
Lozenges. Spank. Swallow
emeralds whole.

Ripped apart and half-
asleep. No one is allowed
to touch. There was a time once.
Self-cynicism is only useful
when known. Moody.

Crushed by water pressure.
Raven chorus. Anvil of dawn.
The gods could sing it
for all you care. Sonata. Half-
tones. Vagaries. Ship
in a slip, more cast
off. Feel it, relish. Take

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