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  1. Would you consider poets with either narcolepsy or epilepsy to fit within your realm of “neurodiversity”? While autism and others mentioned above can have a much more pronounced influence over a person’s ability to communicate, both narcolepsy and epilepsy are neurological disorders. One could argue that both can affect the way in which one needs to communicate. Not sure if these are inclusive of what you are hoping for, but inquiring minds would love to know, so I thought I’d ask!

    Thank you for your time.


    1. Hello and thanks for stopping by. Short answer: anyone may submit and you do not have to be neurodiverse to do so. Long answer: we haven’t yet considered whether epilepsy fits in the neurodivergent definition — but we realize that as our understanding broadens the definition of neurodivergent may broaden as well. If you feel you have work that will fit the next issue’s them feel free to send it to us. We’d like to see it.


  2. Hello! While I have ADHD, I also have Schizophrenia. Would poems with a theme of psychosis/stigma against psychosis be permitted? I’m planning on submitting -something- either way. 🙂

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